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Garibaldi Bistrot: projected into the basilica

A spacious veranda made entirely of glass, which is airy, minimalist and bright, as expressly desired by matteo and elena to respect the unparalleled beauty of the palladian basilica and the square that hosts it. The large windows give guests the enjoyable sensation of eating outdoors, in direct contact with sublime renaissance art, looked after by a young, friendly and meticulous front-of-house team.

The great classics at lunch and dinner

The bistro is the ideal place for matteo’s reinterpretation of the workhorses of italian and international cuisine. A quick glance at the menu will make this clear. However, you will need to actually taste these classics in order to grasp all the intensity of their aromas and flavours, achieved thanks to the top-quality raw ingredients, years of tireless research and simple, basic processing, with the aim of preserving their fragrance intact.

Perfect embers

This is the scenario needed to indulge a truly great passion: supreme meat processed with discernment and skill, scented with the delicate, non-invasive aroma of wood. Whether it is lamb, cockerel, iberian porkchop or “dry-aged” beef matured for at least 50 days (fillet, ny strip loin, chianina or galician sirloin), the provenance and supply chain are always guaranteed and the chef himself always puts products through a taste test in advance.


The bistro also lends itself to tastings of informal dishes, always from the best italian producers and always presented with a touch of unpredictability, a subtle combination, an accent, an unexpected aroma or spice in the cicchetti (small snacks), sandwiches, breads, soups…

Gentle desserts

And to close the circle, we have elena’s desserts, which are light, always seasonal, centred around a clearly defined and highlighted key ingredient, with little or no added sugar. Inspired by the various nuances of the word “sweet”, such as naturalness, spontaneity and gentleness. But also well-defined, determined and flavoursome desserts. Just like their maker.

All well washed down

The menu is complemented by a seemingly endless wine list, packed with more than 1,000 entries from both established labels and small-scale, natural, niche producers selected on the basis not only of their uniqueness, but also their pleasantness (something that cannot always be taken for granted in this sphere). In keeping with the bistro spirit, there is always a broad selection of wines by the glass, in constant rotation.

Garibaldi Bistrot

Every day from 8.30 a.m. To midnight.

There are no clothing
Rules. We simply trust
In people’s good taste.

Piazza dei signori, 1
36100 vicenza

Telephone: +39 328 182 4572