Garibaldi by night:
Enjoy blissful hours

The spaces inhabited by the café during the day are transformed in the evening, with a radical change of lighting. From the morning sun, they move on to the afternoon shade and finally to the dusk of evening, illuminated by soft, shaded lamps, perfect for recreating the atmosphere of a truly exclusive night-time venue.

Opposite the palladian basilica

From a certain time onwards, in addition to the building interior, the large transparent and enclosed platform of the veranda overlooking the palladian basilica becomes the key feature of garibaldi by night.
A seductive parallel between a visual treat and high-quality alcoholic seduction.

Special aperitifs

At garibaldi by night, even the simple spritz takes on the guise of an exclusive drink, thanks to the combination of the very finest alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, which are often made by small artisanal firms, created using renowned historical recipes or devised by visionary young and motivated creators. The perfect way to elevate the very notion of an aperitif.

Designer cocktails

And of course garibaldi by night provides a stage for performances by high-profile and hugely experienced bartenders. Creators of various original cocktails, they are impeccable interpreters of the most renowned cocktails in history. To experience this for yourself, just browse through the COCKTAIL MENU. “shaken, not stirred”, the ever-valid caution dear to ian fleming, always holds true.

Great wines
And spirits

As is the case throughout this stately building run by matteo and elena, this night-time venue can also boast the same endless wine list as the michelin-starred restaurant on the first floor: over 1,000 entries, divided equally between big names and young up-and-coming purist winegrowers, adherents to the new deal of natural wine, which is capable of achieving the very highest quality levels in just a few years.

In a venue of timeless elegance

In a location made more evocative, if that were even possible, by darkness dotted with night lights, you simply have to stay until the early hours. Don’t miss out on a visit during a full moon, poised between myth and reality … “gently balanced upon the wings of the intelligent whirlwind”.

Garibaldi by Night

Opening hours:
Lunch served from 12.30 p.m.
Dinner from 7.30 p.m.
Closed on tuesdays.

There are no clothing
Rules. We simply trust
In people’s good taste.


Telephone: +39 328 182 4572