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Garibaldi events:

A team of expert major event organisers, headed in the kitchen by matteo grandi and in the front-of-house by elena lanza, supported by prestigious chefs, sommeliers and maîtres, is available to assist anyone in conceiving, planning and organising events of all kinds and dimensions. The only prerequisite: high quality.

Of large banquets

For big occasions, Matteo Grandi is able to replicate past and present dishes served at his michelin-starred restaurant on the first floor of piazza dei signori in vicenza on a large scale, thanks to a kitchen team that has matured year on year.

Down to the smallest detail

The extensive organisation, calibrated to the highest standards, encompasses all aspects of event management: every detail is planned and managed in sync between the kitchen and the front of house, with the aim of putting guests at their ease and allowing them to enjoy a high-profile gastronomic experience.

From the purest classicism

There are no real stylistic limitations when organising an event. For weddings and official events with large numbers of guests, we can make use of the entire structural apparatus typical of events designed to be remembered as truly exclusive.

To the wildest exuberance

Likewise, we can also manage more informal parties with a smaller number of guests, using superstructures that are clearly limited to the basics, yet far and above the standard typical of similar events.

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