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The Large style:
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A team of expert organizers of large events, led in the kitchen by Matteo Grandi and in the dining room by Elena Lanza, supported by highly qualified and experienced chefs, sommeliers, maîtres and waiters, are available to anyone to conceive, plan and organize events of all types and sizes. The only preliminary issue: the high quality of the offer.

A great eclectic and adaptable team

The widespread organisation, calibrated to the highest standards, includes every aspect of event management thanks to a team well-established over time: every detail is planned and managed in a synchronic manner between the kitchen and the dining room, with the The aim is to put guests at ease to allow them to enjoy a high-profile gastronomic experience to the fullest.

Great things in the kitchen for great occasions

Matteo Grandi is able to replicate on a large scale the historic dishes, or the most recent ones, which he presents at the starred restaurant on the first floor of Piazza dei Signori in Vicenza, thanks to the harmony of a kitchen team that has matured over time, capable of establishing an absolute level standard, even in extreme conditions, and with a high number of seats.

A different style for every different occasion

There are no real limitations on a stylistic level in the organization of an event, being able to manage very different standards, thanks to the experiences gained in recent years with the gastronomic restaurant (Matteo Grandi in Basilica), the Bistro (Garibaldi Bistrot), up to an offer more traditional and happy-go-lucky like that of the trattoria (Locanda Grandi). Three distinct styles, characterized by very high quality levels in relation to the various typologies.

All very well watered

As per tradition, we complete the offer with an endless WINE LIST, full of over 1,000 references well distributed between established labels and small producers natural, niche and very well selected based not only on particularity but also on pleasantness (not so obvious in this sector).

Free choice of location

We can conceive, plan, organize and host small and medium-sized private events at our headquarters, in Palazzo Garibaldi, in front of the Palladian Basilica. Or host large events, again in Vicenza, at the splendid Palazzo Repeta in Piazza San Lorenzo, dating back to 1711. Or we can adapt our organization to all the chosen locations, in Vicenza , in Italy and around the world.

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