Garibaldi caffé:
At any time of day

“More light!” Goethe seems to have pleaded as he passed away. He was the very man who stated that “in his architecture, palladio sought to elevate the needs of men, inspiring them with a higher opinion of themselves.” And light is precisely what characterises this venue, thanks to the large windows that allow the sunlight to flood the interior. Here, matteo and elena seek to offer a quality response to their own needs and those of their guests, throughout the day.

From early morning

The fragrant and puffy pastries scented with caramelised butter, vanilla and wheat flour, baked every morning after a lengthy proving process, are a marriage made in heaven with the exclusive blend created by matteo and elena together with the veronese coffee roasters “gli ormesini”. Every typical italian breakfast product is available in its very finest form here, purely because the “garibaldi dogma” of using only the very best raw ingredients always applies. Simply browse the MENÙ and pick something at random…

To late afternoon

Guests can be sure of quality all the way through to evening, with the afternoon being the perfect time to enjoy delicious non-alcoholic drinks: freshly squeezed juices, smoothies, alain milliat’s fruit juices… And there is a particular focus on the tea ritual, beloved by elena and offered here in truly sumptuous style.

Savouring the very best

However, as we cannot live on sublime liquids alone, during the course of the day the bistro kitchen lovingly prepares a broad variety of simple yet refined snacks, always inspired by the principles of slow and natural proving which adds a lightness to the dishes even in the most unexpected cases.

In a venue
of great beauty

And all this in the enchanted atmosphere of a historic café, which is one of the most glorious in italy, revived by subtle renovations that have preserved its original atmosphere. Enhanced by an attentive yet friendly and lively service. The garibaldi caffè is all this and much more today. A place to be enjoyed in every detail, at any time of day, preferably with those you love (and who love you).

Garibaldi Caffè

Opening hours:
Every day from 8.30 a.m. To midnight.

There are no clothing
Rules. We simply trust
In people’s good taste.


Telephone: +39 328 182 4572